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Other Ratings / Certifications

Instructor Training FI(H) 

qualifies for the performance of flight trainings for the acquisition, extension and 

renewal of:

a)   PPL(H)

b)   CPL(H), provided that the FI(H) has at least 500 hours experience as pilot on helicopters, of them at least 200 hours as flight instructor, and at least holds a CPL(H);

c)   Type ratings for single engine single pilot helicopters

d)   the night qualification for helicopters, provided that he is holder of a night qualification and has proved his ability for night flight training towards an FI(H), who is approved for FI(H) training, and according to the requirements for the subsequent flight experience by night;

e)   Instrument Flight Rating, provided that the FI(H):

(1) has at least 200 Instrument flight hours on helicopters, thereof up to  50 hours can be performed as instrument ground time in a flight simulator or FNPT II.


(2) as flight student, has finished an approved theoretical training and at least five hours flight training and passed the related practical examination;

f)    Type ratings for multi engine single pilot helicopters (ME-SPH), provided that the FI(H) fulfills the requirements for a TRI;

g)   the acquisition of an instructor license as FI(H) and/or IRI(H), provided that the FI(H):

(1) has completed at least 500 hours as flight instructor on helicopters,

(2) has proved the ability to train a FI(H) or IRI(H) during a practical examination to an examiner for flight instructors (FIE(H))


(3) has the approval of the responsible authority for this purpose.

Training requirements for the FI(H) training:

·    PPL(H) with CPL(H) theoretical examination, ATPL(H) or  CPL(H)

·    at least 250 flight hours on helicopters, thereof

-     at least 100 hours as pilot in command, if he holds an ATPL(H) or CPL(H),


-     at least 200 hours as pilot in command if he holds a PPL(H).

·    to fulfill the requirements according to JAR-FCL 2.310

·    Passing a special selection-test with „successful“ within the last six months before starting the training. On the basis of this practical examination, the ability of the applicant to take part in the training course will be evaluated.

·    Excerpt of Central Office for Traffic Offenders

·    Copy of actual license and prove of flight experience

·    1 passport photograph

Course of the training

The instructor license training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical training comprises 125 hours. The duration of the training depends on your possibilities / requirements and amounts to ca. 3 - 6 months.

Practical training

The practical instructor training starts during the theoretical training and will be finished after passing the demonstration lesson. In at least 30 flight hours, you learn to train a pilot to the performance level of a PPL(H).

For the practical training we use the following helicopter types:

o    Schweizer HU269

o    Robinson R44

o    Eurocopter EC120

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Multi Crew Coordination · MCC(H)

Take part in our Multi Crew Cooperation course for helicopters. 

The objective of this course is to impart the necessary skills for successful crew teamwork, to be able to control multi-pilot helicopters as pilot in command or co-pilot, under visual- and instrument flight rules

The focus shall be on the crew cooperation during possible normal-, abnormal- and emergency situations.

Our multi-crew-cooperation course is approved by the federal aviation authority. The course consists of 25 hours theoretical training and depending on whether the course directs to VFR or IFR

-         15 hours MCC(H) VFR or

-         20 hours MCC(H) IFR

practical training on Synthetic Training Device (FFS or FNPT).

Our MCC instructors have broad experience in multi-pilot helicopter operations. Most of them are even flight instructors on multi-pilot helicopters.

Requirements for MCC(H) Course:

·         At least PPL(H)

·         For IFR MCC(H) an Instrument Rating on helicopters

The successful passing of the MCC course is attested by a MCC(H) certification. Depending on the type, used during the practical training, the flown hours are an essential experience, cherished by aviation companies and customers.

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Type Rating Instructor Training TRI(H) 

Qualifies to train license holders for the acquisition, extension or renewal 

of a type rating, including, if applicable, for the enhancement of the rights of an Instrument Rating IR(H).

Requirements for the TRI(H) course:

a)   at least 250 hours as pilot on helicopter, for the acquisition of a TRI(H) for single engine single pilot helicopters;

b)   at least 500 hours as pilot on helicopters, including 100 hours as pilot in command on multi-engine single pilot helicopters, for the acquisition of a TRI(H) for multi engine single pilot helicopters;

c)   for the acquisition of a TRI(H) for a multi-pilot helicopter at least 1000 hours as pilot on helicopters, including at least 350 hours as pilot in command on helicopters with two pilots;

d)   fulfill the requirements according to JAR-FCL 2.310.

e)   An applicant, who wants to acquire the instructor permission TRI(H) for the first time, has to demonstrate to a designated TRI(H), the ability to train a pilot, so that he meets the requirements for the acquisition of a type rating, including briefing and debriefing of the flight and theoretical training.

The course consists of three parts:

 Part 1 – Teaching and learning behaviour

The syllabus shall comprise at least 25 hours.

Part 2 – Technical Training

The technical theoretical training shall comprise at least 10 hours. If a TRI permission for multi-pilot helicopters shall be acquired, a special emphasis should be placed on the cooperation of the flight crew.

Teil 3 –  Flight Training

The flight training comprises at least 5 hours for a single pilot helicopter, 10 hours for a multi pilot helicopter.

Final evaluation of the competence as TRI

The evaluation of the competence of instructors for type ratings TRI(H) is effected by means of the relevant sections of the practical examination for FI, i.e. Flight briefing, flight exercise (main exercise with additional practices), de-briefing and questions regarding the helicopter systems.

Additional type rating courses

A relevant type related theoretical training plus at least two hours flight training and passing as proficiency check  the relevant sections of the evaluation of the competence as TRI.

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Preparation Course First Acquirement MET(H)

This course is aimed at holders of a helicopter license, which have…

not passed a theoretical ATPL(H) examination according to JAR-FCL 2.470(a) and want to acquire a multi engine single pilot type rating for the first time. This course shall impart the necessary basic knowledge to guarantee a successful participation in a mulit engine type rating.

Requirements for the MET(H) course

The participation in this course requires that the attendant has at least 70 flight hours as PIC on helicopters or that he can prove that this experience will be reached by the start of the intended type rating course.

Training Volume

The course is composed of a theoretical training in the classroom. The approved preparation course shall comprise the following subjects of the integrated ATPL(H) training:

020 · General Aircraft Knowledge

-         Airframe/System/Engines

-         Instruments/Electrics

030 · Performance and Flight Planning

-         Mass & Balance

-         Performance

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Night Flight Qualification

Training is qualify the holder of a PPL(H) for VFR flights by night. 

Requirements for the night flight qualification course

At least 100 hours as pilot on helicopters after acquiring the license, therein included

a)      at least 60 hours as pilot in command on helicopters

b)      20 hours cross-country flight

Medical requirements

No restrictions in the medical regarding the performance of night flights.

Training Volume

a)   The theoretical training comprises at least 5 lessons

b)   The practical training comprises at least 10 flight hours

c)   The exercises 4 to 6 of the syllabus comprise at least 5 hours, of that at least 3 hours with a FI(H) and 5 traffic circuits in solo flight at night. Every traffic circuit shall contain a start and a landing. The course shall be passed within 6 months.

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